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If you are not able to come to Glastonbury, I also offer an online course to become a Sister or Brother of Brighde.
Through this correspondence course you will develop a deep connection with Brighde by learning how the energy of Brighde both as Goddess and Saint Goddess can work through in your own everyday life.

By journeying through all eight seasons, you will be experiencing Her energy by learning about Her myths and legends and by working through creative, meditative and other inspiring modules which you will receive by mail every six months.

You will be working with Her four Elements, Fire, Water, Earth and Air and will get a better understanding of how Her Wheel influences you as you will meet Her as Healing Maiden, Empowering Lover, Loving Mother and Wise old Crone.

The modules are: 

1st February * Bridie, the Maiden 
Her inspiring energy, inner child, new beginnings

21st March * Brighde of Fire
Her triple fire energy of forge, hearth and spirit

1st May * Bride, the Lover
Her empowering energy, self love, creativity

21st June * Brighde of Water
Her healing energy, sacred wells and springs

1st August * Bridget, the Mother
Her loving energy, the harvest, gratitude

21st September * Brighde of Earth
Her manifesting energy, crystals and grounding

1st November * Brighid, the Crone
Her tranforming energy, death and rebirth, shadow

21st December * Brighde of Air
Her guiding energy, intuition, deep knowing

Our contact will be through email and other electronic communication like Skype and a Facebook page where you can meet the other correspondence students of your year.

The course will start each year at Imbolc in February
For more information and/or an application form please contact me:


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