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Marion Brigantia van Eupen


  Glastonbury Goddess Temple


Brighde is the ancient Goddess of Brigit’s Isles, where She is Bridie, Bride, Brid, Bree, Brue, Brigit, Brigid and Bridget, Lady of Fire, of the Sun and Moon, of the Springs and Wells, of the Four Directions, the Divine Midwife, Bride of the Isles, Bride of the Fair Palms, Mary of the Gael.

Brighde has the strength and power to bring light to the dark places inside our lives. She inspires and transforms us, by challenging us to be true to ourselves. She has the ability to awaken the Alchemy of our Soul! Through her healing fires she reaches out to our hearts and shows us how to burn through our dross, and clear out the old patterns and ways, so that our soul can come through with more light, bringing gifts of inspiration and creativity!

Her green cloak covers all the land that belongs to Her. As Goddess of the land She gives Her name to the ancient land of Brigantia and to our tutelary (guardian) Goddess Britannia. Once Bride was well known in these lands as the Great Goddess, ruling the land and all the seasons. Now She is mistakenly just honoured at Imbolc in Her Maiden form. But She is the Wheel, Her energy is tangible through the whole year, in every season, in every element in every phase in our lives.

In Glastonbury we recognise Brighde in the landscape as Her Sacred Swan stretching Her long neck along Weary All Hill and spreading Her wings over the Glastonbury town hills. She flows in the waters of the sacred wells and the river Brue, which is called after Her. But foremost She is revered on Brides Mound (part of The Beckery) where St. Bridget stayed at a little monastery which was then dedicated to Mary Magdalene. Later on a chapel dedicated to St. Bridget was built on Brides Mound.

Becoming a Priestess or Priest of Brighde is a journey of healing, connecting and walking with Her animals, the Swan, the Snake, the Cow, the Wolf and the magical Unicorn and Phoenix. It is expressing Her energy through poetry, songs and creativity, weaving your soul’s desire into being. It is experiencing Her fire and shining Her light out into the world. 



Marion's training is unexpectedly hard core. Her soft and gentle approach doesn't prepare you for the transformational and challenging experience that the Priest(ess) of Brighde training can be. A quiet question, a moment of reflection, a meditation and your laboriously built defenses have been swept away. Marion is a loving and gentle person with an earthy sense of humour and a vocation for the Goddess. She is no airy-fairy, crystal hugging wisp of chiffon. She is strong, funny, human and warm. She is also a great teacher who knows when to guide and when to let you follow your own path to see where it leads. Be prepared for tears and laughter, music and silence, walks and biscuits. Wear good boots!
Paul Brady, Priest(ess) of Brighde Training 2012-2013

 With her deep passion and love for Mother Nature, Marion was a valuable teacher to me in the period I took my first steps on my way to the Goddess. Inspired by her loving and gentle presence, her lessons meant an unforgettable experience to me. I will never forget the moment I recognized the playfulness of Brighde in the character of Marion...
In a very natural way Marion brings her wisdom and knowledge to the people who want to learn about the Goddess.
Lenneke: Priestess Training and Brigida Retreat, The Netherlands

Marion van Eupen is a wonderful facilitator. Her gentle manner is empowering and comes from a deep rich resource of Priestesshood. Her spiritual and light touch delivery makes concepts accessible and recognisable to one's own experience. She will lead you on a wonderful journey!
Sarah; Brighde Retreat 2011

I experienced Marion as a wise teacher. She lives and works from the heart, which I found very inspirational. Her Link with Bridget is a visable, continual well of love for her, which she spreads through her presence.
Thuya; Priestess training, The Netherlands

Undertaking a Brighde Priestess retreat is extremely fulfilling and touches you on a very deep level. was very inpsired by Marion's guidance during the retreat, and dedication to Brighde's flame and memory.Thoroughly recommend this course.
Mona; Brighde Retreat 2011

 I feel blessed to have met Marion on the Goddess Brighde Retreat in February. Marion encompasses all aspects of Brighde's energy, using her own knowledge and gentle nature, as well as respect for the individual's own journey to create a truly special experience. I feel as if I have not only met a priestess, but a true friend as well.
Joy; Brighde Retreat 2011

© Marion van Eupen